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Waxing services

I use Lycon hot wax for all bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood treatments. It can also be used for facial waxing and underarms for those who have sensitive skin. This particular wax is gentler on the skin and uses an oil to prepare the skin which can prevent bruising or burns which can happen in these extra sensitive areas with other waxes. For more information on Lycon Wax click on the picture below.


For larger areas I use a cream based wax that is still one of the gentlest warm waxes around.

To Enhance the Eyes

I offer Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting. For this service all clients will need to have a skin test prior to the appointment even if you have had this service elsewhere.

For the eyelashes you can have a more natural look by using the brown and black combination which will be suited for those who either never wear mascara or wear a brown mascara. For a stronger look or those that usually wear a black mascara, black and blue tint creates the darkest black.

For the eyebrows I use a brown tint which can cover white or grey hairs.
Who this is best suited for:

  • Anyone going on holiday and will be in and out of water and not want to bother with mascara in the sunshine.
  • For people not fond of wearing mascara but want to still make the most of their eyelashes.
  • For people looking to get definition back to their eyebrows and lengthen the eyelashes in a more natural way.
  • And for anyone who just wants to enhance their beautiful eyes :-)


For the Mind, Body and Soul

Candlelight...soothing music...aromatherapy oils and a therapist at the ready to offer you a truly relaxing experience is all just a call away...

Massage has been one of my favourite treatments to do since before I became qualified. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to learn from some highly experienced therapists when working at Four Seasons Spa along with having fantastic training from ESPA in all there holistic treatments. The knowledge I gained from that time is put into every treatment I do now.

You can choose from a Scalp, Neck and Shoulder massage which can also include a face massage. This is perfect for those wanting a small treatment but in need of de-stressing. The Leg and Foot massage is perfect for those that have overworked their muscles and want a concentrated treatment or for those that either stand up all day or night for work. Also a lovely treat for pregnant ladies who may be suffering from swelling or aches and pains. The Back, Neck and Shoulder massage is a treatment that can be more on the relaxing side but mostly is deep tissue generally because this area needs the most work out of the whole body so this is the perfect treatment for someone who has been suffering from aches and pains and needs their knots broken down. The Full Body massage covers the back, legs, feet, arms, hands and neck. Tummy is optional due to clients preferences. Once again this can be more of a relaxing and soothing treatment to de-stress or deep tissue to get rid of that deep seated tension. 

All of the massage treatments except the full body massage can be done on women who are pregnant however you cannot have aromatherapy oils and can only have massage treatments after your first trimester.

The Full Body Exfoliation is done with a mineral salt scrub. This treatment is lovely before a massage if you have dry skin and want the optimal benefits from the aromatherapy oils or if you are having a spray tan or heading off on holiday and want an even tan.

Nail Treatments

I offer both a traditional and more current treatments for the nails and toes using either nail varnish or Bio Sculpture Gel.

Bio Sculpture Gel is hard wearing product that can last up to 3-4 weeks on the nails (depending on how well you take care of them) and up to 6-8 weeks on the toes (however you may want them changed before it gets to that point). For more information on this product click on the picture below.

The Express Manicure and Pedicure includes cut, file and paint. The Traditional Manicure includes cut, file, cuticle work, massage and nail varnish. The Traditional Pedicure includes hard skin removal, exfoliation, soak, cut, file, cuticle work, massage and nail varnish. The Bio Sculpture Manicure and Pedicure have the same prep work as their traditional counterparts but instead of nail varnish you have Bio Sculpture Gel. When re-applying the gel, I first soak off the old set to replace with a new one at no additional fee. Nail Art can also be done with this product at an extra cost. Feel free to take a look in the gallery to see what previous clients have had on their nails.

For more information on any of the services I provide please feel free to contact me via email.